How to find job opportunities in Singapore

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Published: 08th August 2012
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People crave for job opportunities in Singapore because of the amazing work culture, modern amenities and the high standard of living the country offers. Millions of people around the world are managing their professional and personal life in Singapore with ease.

Do you want to be one of them?

Outline below are some quick tips you can follow to search and apply for job vacancies in Singapore:

1)Leverage your contacts: Getting a decent job according to your qualification and skill set could be difficult due to lack of appropriate information about job search in Singapore. This is where you may think of making the most of your professional contacts and find good job opportunities in Singapore.

2)Research, research, research: Your best chance to stand out among a pile of resumes is to show that you have what it takes. Do a little homework about the kind of available job opportunities in Singapore that cater to your profile. Next, figure out how your skills can benefit the bottom line of the companies offering these job vacancies in Singapore and draft your job cover letter accordingly. This means, you should not stick to the same cover letter all the time and customize it for each position you apply for. A few fresh paragraphs per job according to the skills you possess for them can do wonders.

3)Visit online job portals: Make an account on popular job portals like Monster Singapore ( and update your resume. These job portals keep updating fresh information about job vacancies in Singapore. You will find various categories of jobs listed on these sites, for example: fresher jobs, IT jobs or senior jobs, etc.

You can also visit the web sites of specific companies where you would like to get a job in Singapore. You can check the current open positions and apply to the ones that best fit your job requirements.

Register with placement consultants. There are a number of placement consultants in Singapore and can help you find the most suitable job opportunities in Singapore.

Job portals like also offer a plethora of services to let job seekers share their resume with a number of leading placement consultants in Singapore.

Seek Support from the Chambers of Commerce. People interested in job vacancies in Singapore might consider contacting the Chambers of Commerce of their home country (and others) established in Singapore. You can easily find their contact numbers via Singapore specific phone directories. You may also visit Singapore High Commission to get an insight into the city’s culture and know about preferred locations to stay at and work in.

Attend career fairs. Another option to find job opportunities in Singapore is to attend career fairs within the country.. This will save your time as you can directly target the companies that are offering jobs in Singapore.

Visit recruitment companies in Singapore. This is one of the simplest ways to look for job vacancies in Singapore. Get in touch with recruitment firms in Singapore and post them your credentials. They usually charge a nominal fee to offer relevant employment information.

Subscribe to e-newspapers of Singapore. You may opt for one of the most traditional methods of job hunting. Subscribe to Singapore’s leading e-newspapers and dailies. Read their employment supplements (related to employment news/job vacancies) to avail information about job vacancies in Singapore.

Connect with people. In order to find suitable job opportunities in Singapore, connect with professionals on social networking platforms like Facebook, My Space and Twitter etc. You can also add to the list of your professional connections on upcoming professional networking platforms like BeKnown on Facebook. Linkedin. You never know who help you land a good job in Singapore.

These tips will definitely help you find suitable job vacancies in Singapore. An intelligent job search coupled with a good research about Singapore’s job market can help you get a well paid job.

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